I love the transformative power of color.

For as long as I can remember, my life has been about creative expression…. starting with the coloring contest I won when I was six. I colored the best Santa in my first grade. As a child, I took art classes, studied interior design in my twenties, and later, art. In both art and design classes, I studied color theory and learned to mix colors. I became aware of how a color behaves in relation to other colors.

For a long period in my life, I owned and managed art galleries. I learned to listen and interpret. As I gradually shifted from gallery work to consulting, I found myself drawn back to design and color consulting was a natural next step. I now focus entirely on color and have worked as a color consultant since 2001.

While working for Winslow Paint Company as an in-house color advisor, I developed and presented a series of talks about color. I also became involved with a network of knowledgeable people, including builders, painting contractors, and manufacturers representatives. I gathered information about processes, paint application and sheens, and eco-friendly products.

I believe I offer clients a unique service that comes from a design background with an artist’s approach. I have the ability to work efficiently with homeowners, contractors, architects, and business owners making decisions that involve color. I have been involved with projects of all size and scope, from a one room make-over, to a large new development. I enjoy taking something good and making it better. I love transformation.

Mary Jane Rehm